[rey-sohrs] - noun
A source of supply, support,
or aid, esp. one that can be readily utilized if needed.


Whether you want a corporate look, something cutting edge or traditional, jack's creative can come up with eye-catching designs that will reflect your message. Take a look at some versatile graphic design solutions in my graphics portfolio.

If it gets printed, I can design it and arrange for the printing. My print design experience is extensive and includes, but is not necessarily limited to, designing advertisements, annual reports, booklets and brochures. I provide catalog design, direct mail design, folder design, insert design, label design, letterhead & business card design, press kit design, newsletter design, CD and CD cover design, pamphlet design, poster design, signage and oversized high resolution tradeshow booth and banner designs.

Corporate and trade show gift items

So far, most items mentioned involve traditional offset print design. I also design for corporate gifts, shirts and apparel, tradeshow giveaway items (which can range from pens and yo-yos to stress-relieving squeeze toys), decals, buttons and custom silkscreen projects. I have extensive contacts with established trade show and corporate gift item vendors and have ordered high quality custom embroidered shirts and outerwear from Land's End on many occasions. Please call to discuss the many custom designed gift item options available today.

Printing services at great prices

In addition to my graphic design services, I can also coordinate all your printing needs. Print services include everything from press checks to delivery. I work closely with print brokers and a number of premier Los Angeles printers in order to maintain high standards and produce the highest quality printed materials at affordable costs.

Sometimes clients prefer to handle their own printing. In that case, I'll gladly coordinate with your printer to provide them with all the files they'll need in order to get the job done.

I'm proud to say that I have never had a print project bounced (returned from the printer because it was improperly prepared for print) in over 25 years as a designer. On more than one occasion I've been contracted by printers to clean up their clients' files!

Good design is knowing when to stop. designing.