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Website redesigns account for over 90% of my web design work.

Why? Because companies often hire "web designers" who don't pre-plan for expansion, are not familiar with search engine optimization and accessibility issues, or simply don't have the knowledge and experience to build practical, user friendly websites.

Each and every website designed by Jack:

  • is fast loading
  • is easy to navigate
  • is logically structured
  • looks professionally designed
  • contains fully optimized graphics
  • utilizes properly coded XHTML and CSS
  • is designed to be scalable with expansion in mind
  • is planned from the start to be search engine friendly
  • is designed to be accessible for people with disabilities
  • looks and functions the same on all browsers and platforms
  • is fully compliant with W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) specs

Many traditional print designers grudgingly transitioned into web design and still think of a web page as a just bunch of cut-up images reassembled into a tabular format. NO, NO, NO!

Websites are all about content - CONTENT ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS - which ideally should be kept separate from design and functionality. Sites can still look graphically rich, while actually containing only a minimal amount of images - it's all in the way they're put to use.

A properly designed and coded site results in maximum efficiency, optimum search engine accessibility and minimal page load times. Also, it doesn't hurt to have a designer with over 12 years of web design experience and a mathematics background working for you!

Please take a look at my web design portfolio and contact me today for a free website design estimate or consultation.

Top reasons to redesign
your website:
  • You're not happy with the "look and feel" of the site
  • The original web designer or web design company went out of business, moved or quit
  • The site was put together by someone in-house, who most likely did not have the words "web design" anywhere in their job description.
  • The website doesn't look right or function correctly on all web browsers and operating systems
  • The site is hard to maintain or it seems to take forever to have updates made
  • People can't find your site because it is not search engine friendly or fully optimized
  • The navigation is corrupt, contains dead links or simply doesn't make sense
  • The site loads extremely slowly
  • It's time to bring your old site into the 21st century!