[pruh-fesh-uh-nl] - adjective
Having or showing great
skill; expert: a professional
designer who gets the job done

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I have been recognized by a number of clients in various industries. Here's what a few have to say about Jack's Creative Design:

"I have worked with Jack on about a dozen large-scale Web site redesign projects and on each project he has done a terrific job. His creative design services reflect what the customer wants and he has a strong understanding of current Web standards. He delivers on time and on budget and always adds extra value to projects in terms of usability and marketing recommendations. I am thankful to have Jack on board to help with our projects."

Jon Cornelison
Project Director
SectorPoint, Inc.

"I am proud to have worked with Jack Townsend on many internet and business development projects over the past several years. Jack’s dynamic vision, artistic flair, and his understanding of the need to integrate business, technology, and visual appeal distinguish him from his peers. After having collaborated with Jack on several high profile projects – both large and small – the attribute that stands out most in my mind is Jack’s ability to visualize client requirements, and through the iterative design process, make the client’s vision come to life. Jack consistently demonstrates a keen appreciation of the presentation, technological, and business needs of his clientele.

Jack’s substantial body of work has contributed to the success of each project on which we have collaborated. He is clearly a professional in the fields of both traditional and digital media development. I highly recommend Jack Townsend for any project that demands excellence in design, creativity, and productivity."

Joe Angarella
Angarella Communications

"Jack would be an asset to any company. He's conscientious, professional, a master at all print and web graphics, knows e-mail and web site best practices, knows HTML, CSS, and more code than he'll ever admit to, and he has a great, diplomatic way of saving one from their own bad decisions. Everyone that deals with web presentation, graphics, or user interface projects needs a 'Jack' of their own!"

Dave Kuhn
Vice President, Marketing
OneLink Corporation

"I have worked with Jack off and on for over 10 years. He is one of the few graphic designers these days who can actually draw without a computer. He is very creative, easy to work with, and is just as versatile on a PC as he is on a Mac. And best of all, he always gets his projects done on time and on budget. If you are looking for professional marketing materials at reasonable prices, Jack’s the man. I highly recommend him.”

Paul Losie
Marketing Consultant

"Jack Townsend was instrumental in the success of our WMC Direct web application. His superior design skills helped us create a professional looking and functional website, and he updated the site on a timely basis to correspond to new marketing programs, specials, etc. His contributions to our Private Label web systems are also noteworthy.

Jack designed and coded templates that are controlled by SQL Server databases, ASP scripting, and stylesheets. Each Private Label website shares the same functionality as WMC Direct, but they are custom built and branded for our broker customers, so that these partners can market their own loan programs to their customers with websites that we host for them.

The best part is that Jack was able to create one of these sites in a matter of days. Our customers were always amazed at how fast we could create a custom website for them!"

David Berrey
VP Internet Applications
WMC Mortgage Corp.

open quoteEveryone that deals with web presentation, graphics, or user interface projects needs a 'Jack' of their own!close quote